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Personalized permanent makeup training courses for technicians with a higher calling towards the profession. Make a step forward and overcome your boundaries. Find the right training structure based on your skill level. You can read below some basic information about my training structure, what to expect if you choose my training, futhermore few words about myself.

Please keep in mind, these paragraphs contain general information. You can either apply to any of my announced training courses, found in the News/Events menu, or you can also inquire for private training.

General Training Program

Standard training courses at Tünde Méhn PMU ART School provide everyone with both theoretical and practical knowledge in a well-structured and methodical manner. This means that my training courses are based upon skill level, so I distinguished my classes and offer training for both basic and advanced skill levels. You can choose to learn many different techniques such as Hair Stroke Eyebrows, Classic Eyeliner, Shaded Eyeliner or Full 3D Lips, just to mention the most popular ones.


You receive printed training manual in English, which contain theory and elements of the practical implementation of each applied technique. Theoretical training always include colour theory, geometry, symmetry, mechanics of skin damage, principles of pigmentation and anaesthesia, effect of aftercare to the healing process, pre-drawing of ideal proportions and shapes, adapting to facial characteristics and more. During the theoretical training it is advised to take notes and sketches to hold on to all information.


After the brief theory comes the live demonstration of the certain technique. This is the perfect time for you to take a close look and observe me during work. While I am working, you will hear me speaking about common mistakes, proper implementation, how to correct facial skin defects or any difficulties you might encounter in the future. You should not stand idly in the meanwhile, you get to ask as many questions as many pops up in your mind.

Practice and implementation

After you have witnessed the procedure with your own eyes, the next turn will be yours. First you get to practice on fake skin practice pads. Here you can easily build up the confidence and routine that you can utilize later, when the course arrives to work on live models.

These procedures on models are completely hands-on, supported by me personally. I am there to advise you on the fundamentals of shape design or how to implement the micropigmentation itself. The whole treatment is supervised and if needed, I can intervene to show you the correct movements. This final challenge is to be accomplished before you can receive your well-deserved certificate. The purpose of the whole course is to inspire you to work independently as much as possible. This is relevant because this way you learn responsibility while working on clients.

Keep in mind that each training can defer from the above mentioned training structure, based on student preferences and other circumstances. To find out more, please inquire for more information about our announced events at the given contact information.

Types of Training Courses

Master Class and Basic Training are only those events, which are already announced to the public, while a Private Class is discussed privately, based upon request.

Master Class

These training courses are for those, who already have previous experience with permanent makeup. The goal of these classes is to improve the skillset with new techniques and tricks.

Announced master classes can be viewed at the News/Events menu, where you can individually check dates, the prices, training schedule and further information about each course.

Master Classes in Hungary with practice on latex:

400 Euro - 1 day

700 Euro - 2 days

900 Euro - 3 days

Master Classes in Hungary with practice on live models:

600 Euro - 1 day

1100 Euro - 2 days

1500 Euro - 3 days

Prices do not contain VAT and the modell finding fee, which is 100 Euro / modell. Therefore we would like to encourage you to bring a model with yourself for each technique.

Basic Training

If you are new to the profession or barely set off your foot, I would recommend you to participate on one of my basic training courses, where we cover both theory and practice in a balanced way. Once you finish it, you will feel prepared and no questions will be unanswered.

Announced basic training courses can be viewed at the News/Events menu, where you can individually check dates, the prices, training schedule and further information about each course.

In general, basic training consist of 3 modules (hair stroke eyebrows, lip contour and shading, classic eyeliner), which can be taken separately and together as well. Prices are affected by bundle discount as follows:

3 modules: 2.900 Euro + VAT (6+3 days)

2 modules: 2.200 Euro + VAT (4+2 days)

1 module: 1.200 Euro + VAT (2+1 day)

The class is lead by Tünde Méhn and her colleague is assisting the students. The student head count is limited at 4 people on our basic training courses in order to provide everyone with a quality training.

Please bring a model with yourself if you can, otherwise 100 Euro / model finding fee is added to the total price.

For more information, please inquire at


Private Class

If you would like to ask for a private training with me, you can contact me on and I will get back to you with all possible options.

Please let me know if you would like to come alone or in case you would bring others with you to the course, let me know which areas would you like to take a course in. Possibilities: eyebrows, lips and classic or shaded eyeliner.

If the training takes place in my own salon, which is in Pécs, Hungary, then the general pricing of private classes is as follows:

1 person - 1450 EUR / day

2-3 person - 800 EUR / day / person

4-6 person - 650 EUR / day / person

Please take in consideration that based on the final setup of the training the prices may be subject of change, which will be discussed when making the appointment. Prices do not include VAT.

Price includes the following:

  • Full knowledge of the certain technique
  • Lunch, snacks, water and coffee throughout the day
  • Printed training manual
  • Certificate upon successful completion

Private Class Schedule

9:00 – Theory
10:30 – Demonstration of technique
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Practice on latex
15:00 – Students work on models
17:30 – Assessment of work, Q&A
18:00 – Certification