My name is Tünde Méhn, I am a permanent makeup specialist, exclusive distributor and trainer of the german LaBina Permanent Make Up technology, featured cosmetician of Belico, anti-aging specialist and hair therapeutist at Trichocenter.

My mission as a PMU specialist

magamrolYou are reading these line very likely because you want to find out, whether or not I am the ideal professional you are searching for. I could write a lot about my personal life or carrier, but I think you did not come for that. So, I will just start at the bottom line.

Every treatment I do in my beauty salon are based on my own previous cosmetic problems. I wanted to treat myself so I learned these treatments. That is why I believe, when I say something, you can trust me.I would like to provide real solutions and that is why I searched for the best methods and brands in the industry, so I can be of help to you. Most of these brands are based on natural ingredients and you cannot treat yourself alone at home, neither can you order these brands to your home.
I made a lot of research to find these products and to learn how to use them. I use only organic, skin-friendly products without any chemicals so your skin will be pretty and youthful.

My purpose as a trainer

Once I was a student as well, and from time to time, I still visit training courses myself. My philosophy is that you need to improve your skill and learning a profession takes a lifetime. In this regard, I accumulated a lot of experience about trainings, made by others and I cam to a realization that there are a very few people who actually teach you everything that might be useful for your work. My personal experience is that a training should be practice oriented but you need to learn some of the important theories too, there are no shortcuts.

My training courses are structured in a way to provide you with a customized and personal experience where you get real and applicable knowledge. You will have the chance to learn the theories fast and then apply in practice on artificial skin, paper and real life model.

For more information, please take a look at the Training Courses menu and find out more about our PMU Basic, Intermediate and Advanced trainings (Masterclasses). If you have any questions, please contact us on info@mehntunde.hu or on our Facebook site.

Kind regards,